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Are you ready to make the leap into home buying? Or, perhaps you own a home and want to sell it at top dollar? Your agent can make or break the deal. It takes more than just empty promises and decent connections. The Deveau Team puts your interests first 100% and works hard to provide you with:

  • Home Pricing & Trend Data

  • Lender & Title Company Recommendations

  • Professional Photography

  • Timely Communication

  • Network of Experts

  • Step-by-Step Guidance

  • Honest Feedback and Advice



A home that is properly priced and marketed has a far better chance of attracting interested buyers right away, without your home sitting on the market and losing momentum.

There are quite a few in the industry who will say you can get whatever price it is you desire, in order to "get" the listing. Then, after it is listed, they start trying to talk you into coming down on the price because it is not generating any showings. The Deveau Team does not play that game. The risk for your transaction is too great.


Jihye and John provide a realistic price range based on recent comparisons in the market, and help you understand the plusses and minuses of your property as compared to other homes. At the end of the day, the goal is to provide you with such a positive experience that the Deveau Team earns your business on future real estate transactions and referrals to your family, friends and coworkers—not to just "get" the listing and hope for the best.


The first step is choosing an honest, knowledgeable, and hard-working Realtor®. With the Deveau Team, you get two! When you work with Jihye and John Deveau to buy a home in Houston, here is what you will get:

Free Consultation to understand your needs, interests, & timeline.
Assistance in financing process, providing lender recommendations to get you pre-approved.
Guidance on Houston neighborhoods and homes that best fit your budget and taste.
Neighborhood and home walk-throughs, finding the very best place and home for you.
Review all of the offer forms, discuss what they mean, & negotiate the best offer that will get your dream home at a fair price.
Due diligence after your offer is accepted, including inspections, repair quotes, local school information, & more.
Liaison between the lender, title company, and seller's agent to ensure all items are performed in time for a smooth closing.
Close on your new home and move in! The Deveau Team will always be around to answer questions, long after the closing table.


Having a licensed Realtor® is important for any buyer or seller of real estate, from helping to determine market price, to negotiations, to guiding one through the contractual documents and the closing process.


What separates the Deveau Team from everyone else is their experience in areas that aren't covered in typical Realtor training courses, but have been gained through hands-on experience from over a decade of personal real estate investing, including:​

  • Understanding the Inspection Reports (what are major vs. minor issues)

  • Tax Implications (1031 Exchange, Publication 523, etc.)

  • Profitability Analysis for Rental Properties

  • Neighborhood Home Trends


Don’t make the mistake of going at it alone. Work with a Realtor® who goes the extra mile to help you!

Jihye and John Deveau are currently accepting new clients, so book your first free consultation today. Fill out the contact form below, or call/email the Deveau Team directly to get started.

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